Monday, April 2, 2012

Moments of clarity

Image from IO9 article on science on harnessing electricity from humid air
It is time for human beings to evolve into their collective highest potential. In the Human Family blog post, we touched on how humans have the same genetic capacities to develop markers of intelligence. We also postulated on some underlying reasons and intention for discrimination.

Below are some videos to frame the concepts addressed in the Human Family post into alternative perspectives.

First is a TED talk by actress Thandie Newton talking about her process of embracing her 'otherness' and difference from other people in the community she grew up in. She discusses the process of realization she underwent to discover that the human 'self' is often an image that individual people create for themselves based on copying people in society around them and reflecting back a self that fits in. She realized that the self is ever changing and also a mirage in certain senses, and talks about how liberating of a thought this is.

The second video is a TED talk by a neuroscientist who underwent a brain stroke. She discusses how all humans have two personalities that live in each hemisphere of their brain. Each half of our brain has a completely different function, which impacts the self that is housed in that side of the brain. Our right brain connects us to the perpetual and infinite stream of energy, chemistry, light and life around us. It is a constant part of this flow and does not separate the human self from the rest of existence. The left brain is logical, the planner, looks to the future and considers the past. It separates itself from the flow and picks out what specific elements it wants the human body to recognize in order to make sense of the world around it.

The third video is very brief. In it, Jim Carrey describes what he calls his 'awakening', or connection to the greater realm of energy around his human 'self'.


Thandie Newton:

How it feels to have a stroke:

Jim Carrey:

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