Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who is going to look out for the seeds?

Seeds are a precious inheritance of humans, passed down for millenia by all the human societies that have lived before those of us alive today. Modern agriculture has already caused a massive loss of seed diversity within the last 2 generations. This is in part why it is so important to eat organic and to grow your own food if possible.

The truth is, even bioengineers of genetically modified crops depend on seed diversity so that they have a pool of genes to draw on to create new seed types. Seed diversity is in the interest of EVERYBODY.

Seeds are life! Seeds are our life! Seed diversity is necessary for the future of humanity.

So, who is going to look out for the seeds? WE ARE!

And these organizations are helping us out:

Baker's Creek Heirloom (who are partnering with the Label GMOs campaign)
Many others!

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